Who Can Beat Hillary Clinton?

Ethan Mercer | 1-7-2016

It’s no secret that the 2016 presidential race will most likely come down to Hillary Clinton, and someone else. While there is no shortage of GOP hopefuls who claim to be uniquely equipped to dismantle Clinton in a debate, a recent article published on asks political commentators which of these candidates Clinton would be most justified in fearing. Who is capable of defeating Clinton in the general election?


Commentators and radio hosts say they’re impressed with Rubio’s youth and wisdom. He comes across as both knowledgeable and non-threatening which would provide an ideal counter to Clinton. Despite other more experienced opponents, Rubio is no lightweight when it comes to winning debates. Being a “startlingly eloquent explainer” he is both charismatic and youthful and inspires confidence with his knowledge and political savvy.  


Though Cruz is not popular with fellow republicans, and therefore unlikely to secure the nomination, he is perhaps the best equipped to taking on Hillary Clinton pound for pound. His law background combined with a calm and focused demeanor has produced a good debate win record for him. He shines in areas that his other GOP candidates lack luster and may be the unlikely underdog in this race.

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