7 Global Warming Facts That Even Critics Can’t Ignore

Ethan Mercer | 1/26/2016

Global warming deniers have often pointed to cold winters, or cold weather in general, as evidence that global warming or climate change, isn’t real. With Winter Storm Jonas rolling down the east coast of the United States, this old argument is surfacing yet again. The only problem is that it simple isn’t true. Deniers find themselves backed against a wall when presented with these 7 scientific facts.

1.      Scientists say that global warming is real. 97% of climate scientists say that climate change is happening right now, and it is being influenced by humans.

2.      2015 was Earth’s warmest recorded year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), along with other agencies have recorded that worldwide, 2015 was our hottest year, surpassing the previous hottest year, which was 2014.

3.      C02 emissions are increasing. 2015 showed very high amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The atmosphere hasn’t had this much carbon dioxide in it for almost 800,000 years.

4.      Global warming is expensive. Losses in crops, water shortages, and rising sea levels could end up costing billions of dollars.

5.      Rising sea levels. The sea level has risen twice as fast in the last 20 years than it did in the last century.

6.      Shrinking ice sheets. Rising temperatures are causing the ice sheets to shrink, having a very negative effect on the arctic wildlife and contributing to rising sea levels.

7.      California is in a drought. California hasn’t seen a drought as bad as the one happening right now in over 160 years.

Global warming deniers are welcome to keep denying climate change, but they cannot deny the facts above. To learn more about important issues today, continue reading on 
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